Increase EV – Hybrid Range With Automotive Window Tint

Increase EV - Hybrid Range With Automotive Window Tint

One of the most common questions or concerns when in comes to electric vehicles EVs and hybrids is the range. A recent article in TorqueNews written by Peter Neilson entitled “Why Heat Kills MPG In Toyota Prius And What To Do About It” discusses why window film can help eliminate heat and increase EV – hybrid range.

The article starts by stating that “Heat causes the batteries to be less efficient, and the less energy you can store in your battery, the lower your fuel economy. It is as simple as that….If your internal cabin temps are hot, your battery will be too. Keeping the A/C in good working condition and operating on hot days will help keep those battery temps down.” By keeping the heat down in the interior and on the battery, your batteries will retain more capacity. So what can be done?

According to the article, “Nano Ceramic window tint is a massive help. The tint helps reduce cabin temps. When parking, try to find shade and crack the windows slightly. This will help keep the heat from building up too much inside the cabin. I use a front windshield screen to help keep heat out, along with tinted windows and shaded parking (where available). These practices keep the heat to a minimum and my battery in stable condition.

In addition, by keeping the heat in check, your vehicle air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to keep the cabin comfortable. By reducing the demand on the air conditioning system, you can reduce the draw on the batteries and keep them cooler. Net result can be an increase in range for your vehicle.

In conclusion, the article states “Excessive Heat and hybrids do not mix well. If your battery has seen its time, the heat could put it over the edge. Keep your fan clean, park in the shade, tint your windows, and yes, washing your car will help too.

Laws pertaining to vehicle window tinting vary, so please be sure to check the window tint laws in your area.

Hopefully this article was interesting and explained how automotive window tint can help increase ev – hybrid range. If you would like more information regarding the automotive window tint we offer or to talk about your options on getting a vehicle tinted, click contact us by calling (586) 359-2055. Find out why Tintz & Graphx is the Fraser, Michigan area #1 source for automotive window tinting.

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