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Window Tinting

TAG Tintz and Graphx Recommends using Llumar brand
TAG Tintz and Graphx Recommends using MaxPro brand

TAG is your premiere window film dealer and service provider with over twenty years in the industry. We've got the experience and knowledge to help you find the window film that best meets your needs. Once the right film is picked, our award winning installers have the skills and tools to install it properly the first time. From start to finish, TAG will make your window tinting experience painless and the results will last. We use some of the best film on the market today and we are proud to be an authorized Llumar and MaxPro dealer. You can learn more about the window films at their official websites. Llumar Website | MaxPro Website


TAG Tintz and Graphx

Style & Protection
  • Give your car a more aggressive look
  • Different shades to meet your needs
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • More privacy for passengers and personal items

TAG Tintz and Graphx

  • Increased comfort, safety & style
  • Reduce UV rays up to 99%
  • Reduced eye strain & glare
  • Protects & reduces fading of interior fabrics

TAG Tintz and Graphx

TAG offers
  • Professional installation
  • Guaranteed film color stability
  • Full lifetime warranty available

Commercial & Residential

For residential and commercial applications, tint can serve as a variety of useful advantages. Window film can reduce the amount of glare, help from interior fading, reject the harmful UV rays, and help save on energy costs. In addition to the useful advantages, there are many different colors and styles to fit the look and style of your home or business!

Old Tint Removal

TAG Tintz and Graphx Tint Removal

A lot of you may notice many cars that have old tint. This is because years ago the only film on the market was a dyed film. In time, the dyed film will fade, bubble, or turn purple. Many companies will not remove this old film. TAG WILL!!! Contact us for details.

Michigan Tint Laws

Michigan Vehicle Code 257.709 outlines the law regarding window film, graphics, and accessories installed on your vehicle.

A person shall not operate a motor vehicle with any of the following:
  • A sign, poster, nontransparent material, window application, reflective film, or non-reflective film upon or in the front windshield, the side windows immediately adjacent to the driver or front passenger, or the sidewings adjacent to and forward of the driver or front passenger, except that a tinted film may be used along the top edge of the windshield and the side windows or sidewings immediately adjacent to the driver or front passenger if the material does not extend more than 4 inches from the top of the windshield, or lower than the shade band, whichever is closer to the top of the windshield.
  • A rear window or side window to the rear of the driver composed of, covered by, or treated with a material that creates a total solar reflectance of 35% or more in the visible light range, including a silver or gold reflective film.
  • The use of a non-reflective, smoked or tinted glass, non-reflective film, perforated window screen, or other decorative window application on the rear window or a side window to the rear of the driver.
  • A special window treatment or application determined necessary by a physician or optometrist, for the protection of a person who is light sensitive or photosensitive, if the owner or operator of a motor vehicle has in possession a letter signed by a physician or optometrist, indicating that the special window treatment or application is a medical necessity. However, the special window treatment or application shall not interfere with or obstruct the driver's clear vision of the highway or an intersecting highway.
Keep in mind, It is up to YOU to:
  • Be an INFORMED consumer
  • Ensure YOUR vehicle meets all legal requirements
  • Obey the Law
  • Pay your fines on time to keep driving!!!
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